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Who would not want to play online games for free Buttermilk Village? Uncle Fedor, Ball and Matroskin settled down in the village, that's just the postman Pechkin sometimes gets to the claims.

"It is wrong you, Uncle Fyodor, eat a sandwich! You're holding up his sausage, and it must be put into the language of sausage. " I think very few who will not be able to answer the question of what this quote cartoon. One of the masterpieces of domestic animation "Three from Buttermilk" became incredibly popular as the former Soviet Union and abroad. And the main characters of this cartoon became tool for developers of computer games on various subjects. Remarkably traced characters, each with their own features, become incredible pets of all children and adults who has ever watched a cartoon or read a book about the art of self-boy nicknamed Uncle Fedor talking cat Matroskina, dowdy talking dog Sharik and other heroes. Uncle Theodore - one of the main characters of the cartoon. Very independent for his age boy who because of that earned the nickname "Uncle Fedor." Fedor loves animals and often brings them to his home. Once, after Uncle Fedor brought home a cat, his parents asked him to kick the cat out of the house. Uncle Fedor decided to do otherwise, he gathered his things, took the cat and went on a journey to the village of Buttermilk. Uncle Fedor dressed in yellow T-shirt, dark blue jeans and black patent leather shoes. Kot Matroskin - another protagonist of the cartoon. Cat got the nickname because of his color resembled a striped sailor. Reasonably intelligent and rational, the same self as Uncle Fedor: know how to sew and embroider on the machine, as well as he can speak. Like all cats, Matroskin loves milk. Dog ball - talking dog, which Matroskin and Uncle Fedor found on the road to Buttermilk. The ball looked quite sloppy, however, Uncle Fyodor, who loved all animals, took him to the village. Ball also knows how to talk, and probably the most fun character of all because of his stupidity. Postman Pechkin - slightly harmful deliveryman mail Buttermilk Village. Curious enough and intrusive, often dropped in Pechkin to Uncle Fyodor with different issues. Looks postman for 50 years, he has a thick mustache on his head often wears a hat with earflaps. Pechkin dressed in brown coat over his shoulder and he's always wearing a postman's bag. Galcian - chick who escaped from the postman Pechkin with his favorite coin and house nestles Uncle Fedor. Matroskin, deciding that you need to extract from the chick at least some benefit, taught him to say one single phrase, "Who's there", which is connected with the situation in a rather amusing cartoon. Mom Uncle Fyodor - business woman, pretty strict, but very kind woman. Likes to relax at the resorts can ski. Very fond of cleanliness in the house, for which he does not like pets. Dad Uncle Fedor - kind and decent father. According to the cartoon shows that he is not in the main house, as often listen to his wife. Knows how to fix cars and likes to read the newspaper. Scored incredible popularity cartoon characters have become no less popular in a variety of computer games. This arcade, and puzzles, and Action and more. Three from Buttermilk game designed for the whole family, as well abundantly present on our site. For they did not need to pay anything: Buttermilk games available for free. All you need to do - is to decide how you want to spend your free time, from cartoon characters who do you like most and select one of the games. Games are free Buttermilk eponymous category and leave a lot of positive emotions. If you have some free time - start Buttermilk games to play right now.