Online games Brave

Snub-nosed red Merida playing the main character during an online game Brave. You can play with it, collecting puzzle, looking at pictures and clothing items heroine.

In the magical world of fairy tales have such a kingdom somewhere in Scotland, called DanBrok, which ruled by King Fergus and Queen Elinor. They have a daughter - a wonderful princess Merida. Traditionally this kingdom when Merida comes of age, her parents obliged her to marry one of the leaders of the three clans. Merida none of the candidates do not like, and she tries to persuade her mother not to give her in marriage. However, Eleanor's daughter will not listen, fearing that thereby can start a war in the kingdom. Merida nothing left to do but run away from home and hide in the woods. There she meets a witch, and then begins the real adventure of Merida. Such a scenario has been the basis of a masterpiece cartoon industry - animated feature from Pixar's and Walt Disney called Braveheart. Blue screens on this cartoon came out in 2012 and shortly after its premiere won the "Oscar" for best animated feature film. " In addition, the cartoon was awarded the "Golden Globe" in the same year. Images of the main characters of the cartoon were studied carefully as ever. Over their creation worked a lot of specialists, animators and artists. Merida - the main character of the cartoon. This red-haired princess, daughter of Fergus and Elinor, who was obliged to adulthood marry. Fastened on this whole story of this cartoon. Despite the fact that she was a purebred princess and she has a lot of royal habits, she skillfully holds a bow and sword, great fights and is not afraid to get dirty. Fergus - King DanBrok kingdom, in fact, the father of Merida. In the cartoon, he is depicted with red hair, a beard and long mustache of the same red color. Very active and impulsive character. Elinor - Queen DanBroka. Fragile and elegant mother of Merida. She wants to give his daughter in marriage to one of the leaders of clans repositories DanBroke in order to avoid a possible war. However, the daughter did not agree to this and take decisive action enough to acquire an unexpected turn. Lord McIntosh - one of the leaders of the clan. He is one of the contenders for the hand and heart of Merida. Constantly thinks that it is trying to deceive and profit at its expense. Lord MakGuffin - another possible suitors Merida. Externally it looks like an ancient Viking, in principle, and internally it is very calm, serious and unwavering. Lord Dingwall - the oldest of the trio of candidates for the husbands of Merida. Very greedy and mean and always tells people the truth straight in the eye, for which many have not to their liking. Hubert Harris, Hamish - three little brother Merida, such as redheads, as she did. The most ridiculous and funny cartoon characters. Very fond of sweets and throughout the movie fall into different comic situations. Games Brave fast enough as well as cartoon, won incredible popularity among boys and among girls. According to the scenario game of the same name was released by THQ. Besides, were released little mini-games with the characters of this cartoon. On our site you will find games for free Braveheart, which will be able to control one of the main characters of this masterpiece. Free Game Braveheart available on-line and do not require downloading or installing. Summary of the toys up games Action Braveheart, where you will need to perform various tasks to collect various bonuses and level by level to reach a certain goal. In the game Brave can play everything, who have the desire and at least a couple minutes of free time. In turn, we promise that you will be completely satisfied with the beauty of cartoon characters flash, ease of management and interesting plot development of each game.