Bratz games for girls dress up

Bratz games for girls dress up - it's a colorful game with a large selection of dresses and accessories. Dress Up Games Bratz suggest you pick up a beautiful image for the dolls of Sasha, Jade, Yasmin, Chloe.

Bratz dolls, despite the fact that today they are no longer produced, are very tightly prescribed in the cult status. You could even say that they have managed to oust its leadership position incomparable Barbie. Bratz fans - and among them, as if it did not sound paradoxical, but not a lot of little girls, but grown women - even had the courage to say that Barbie is outdated. Their logic is understandable. Bratz were created precisely as a modernized version of the legendary doll, with an eye to the same place in the lives of the younger generation, which at one time occupied it. To understand what I mean, you remember the scene from the movie Legally Blonde, where the heroine is talking with his parents near the pool at their villa. So dad, who on claims that studying at the Faculty of serious, ugly and boring people, and assents to him mom in a bikini - it's grown old Barbie and Ken. A heroine Reese Witherspoon - Bratz doll. Her modern clothes - although in the same pink color scheme - and modern outlook on life. And the stereotype of the tanned blonde with an unnatural shape that reclines by the pool with a cocktail or rushes in the open convertible, it no longer fits. New times - new heroes. Or, in this case, the heroine. Confirmation of this can be found on the gaming market. After inquiry games for girls Bratz dress up many times more popular than the search for the same games with Barbie. And it is hard to argue with the fact that the Bratz dress up games make much more interesting. After all, here in each doll has its own history and character. That, of course, is reflected in the style of clothing. In general, this approach - the doll with the biography and personal characteristics - has now become almost a tradition. Now the company, which had previously engaged in manufacturing Bratz dolls released a new series - Moxie. It, too, the designers have created an image of four friends, each with their own interests, their preferences, their style and their own distinctive life. So now the girls can choose a doll, not only in appearance but also by their loved nature. Agree that this approach is much more interesting than the one that used the creators of the Barbie doll in producing costumes corresponding to different professions or in the guise of Disney multgeroin. Most of what lurks in the network are on hold Bratz dress up, you can find under the same name tags of our website. These bright, stylish and, most importantly, free girls' games are waiting for their fans.