Characters Online Game Brandy and Mr. Whiskers were on the island, where there is no civilization, and now they need to survive in any way. Start to play for free and enjoy the adventure.

Games Brandy and Mr. whiskers based on the story of the eponymous cartoon series. In the game you must deftly manage the boat protagonists in their rafting. It would seem that nothing could be simpler - the main sail past all the obstacles, that's just in practice to choose the right path is not so easy! In addition, the game important points, and to make them should be sent to the boat-shaped leaf on trampolines and jumping - perform a variety of clever tricks. In addition, the game Brandy and Mr. Whiskers also have a time limit. So cautious strategy does not always bring success in the limited time frame. But still it is necessary to take into account the presence of obstacles that slow speed heroes. And if during the rafting was not lucky and had to deal with a snake or crocodile, then nesdobrovat player - he just did lose a huge amount of time. Avoid such losses on the way to the finish line you can show a timely response: time jumping or detouring obstacles encountered. There are measures to increase and lead time, talking about specific artifacts. The collection of these artifacts is not less important than the timely arrival to the finish line, because some of them added time, and some - Points bonus account. Brandy and Mr. whiskers - the heroes of the eponymous animated series created by American animators. The main idea of ​​the movie lies in the possibility of friendship between people of different social strata. Brandy Herington - is pampered and whimsical dog, who used to bathe in the luxury of secular life. Mr. Whisker, pal Brandy is a rabbit, representative of the "lower classes." Its origin is clearly illustrated in the behavior of the hero: he always messy, a little stupid, but tries to make up for their shortcomings by extreme activity. First protagonists happened to meet during their joint journey luggage plane. Of course, arrogant Brandy not immediately reciprocated by friendly feelings shown by the rabbit whiskers. But soon release it just left, because the pair had a huge amount of breathtaking adventures. It all began with an emergency landing of aircraft in the middle of the South American jungle. Naturally, having lived all his life in luxury Palm Beach, Brandy feels purebred spaniel whose whims and arrogance justify extreme selfishness, which she shows to others. Nevertheless, the difficulties which first met in her life, as well as company simpleton whiskers significantly affect the behavior of dogs. Of course, the process of transformation can not painlessly: rabbit must regularly endure the whims, lamentations, and sometimes even outright accusations, and accuses Brandy whiskers almost all their troubles. Yet, in most cases, Brandy keeps his composure, demonstrates his love for children and sincere friendship meets his companion whiskers. As for the rabbit, otherwise as with humor, it is impossible to perceive: ignorance, carelessness, regular picking his nose and ears - completely opposite Brandy emasculated image. Despite a sufficient number of shortcomings, they are more than compensated by the positive qualities of the hero: he is kind, optimistic and sincere in their friendly feelings. On television series lasted only two years. From 2004 to 2006 was filmed 77 episodes, of which only about 39 are adapted for the Russian-speaking audience. At the peak of popularity, relay audience's attention was intercepted games, and they will complement the cartoon story gaps and substantially expanded gaming universe. Several important points, without which can not win the game: - Pay attention to all the noises in the game. Forests in the Amazon River Never Sleeps, because you should always be vigilant; - If you're unlucky and you are trapped, you should not rely on foreign aid: the nearest source of civilization for hundreds of thousands of miles away from you. To escape, you must show your own ingenuity; - Some things better to wait, especially when the river is "buzzing" from the huge amount of floating on her alligators; - Do not count on a bridge or road, the path to the other side could pave exclusively own ingenuity; - To make your trip easier - do not forget to collect crystals and compasses!