Heroes Bounce tales games this round hoppers. Help them overcome obstacles, battle baddies and collect artifacts.

Mobile technologies have evolved so that the latest versions of Vindous Mobile phones can run a full vinodovs 95. At the same time, of course, is the lot of fans of computer science, and ordinary people mostly do not even need office software and organizers of various poshiba. The fashion of mobile phones leads to the devices with system -level features of old computers turn into that plan are things that are just a status attribute, not a pocket assistant. This trend can be clearly seen in the design of interfaces leading manufacturers such as En ' and Google. After all, Android and Agios not sharpened ability to use the resources provided by the perfect iron, and the use of the usual dozen programs which are needed by professionals, and people far from IT. This implies a complete abandonment of the market of flexible interfaces. After all, this kind of software in the base can not practically everything, but in the capable hands of the creatively minded person, he may be quite different than originally conceived. User does not want to waste time and strain your brain to adapt the device to fit your needs. Rather, he seeks to put in the brains in what is offered to him in the market of devices. Therefore, formed as a non-functional set of standard programs of today's mobile devices - social networks, a simple and imperfect, and most importantly, uncomfortable office suite, and, of course, games. Mobile games - this is the genre that is a kind of traveling back in time to the user computers. When all the heroes and played Starcraft, on mobile unchallenged rule snake. And when the players in today's games are fighting in the world with nearly limitless possibilities of getting married there, create a family nest and build their empire, had just made ​​their way to the mobile game of the 2000s. But they eventually became the lot of the fans of the same characters. Social networks, clickers and simple logic game filled the mobile market, displacing the serious works of game art. More recently, the mobile phone market took a shock - the company was absorbed by Nokia Samsung. The most popular manufacturer gamers fell under the onslaught of the economic crisis. With him ushili essential attributes of interfaces from this manufacturer. Among them was conquered millions of game. It now remains only to bounce tales play online. For example, on this page of our website.