Games Bobsleigh introduced to one of the Olympic sports and offer to win top prizes in competitions, start playing for free in variations in their performance.

Bobsleigh is a winter Olympic sport. Current action sports discipline occurs in specially equipped ice routes. Athletes compete on speed, down the road in specially designed sleds are called "beans". Beans belong to the subspecies driven sleigh. Games Bobsleigh - Simulation is downhill on the highway. The best representatives of this genre in the player pass the whole range of emotions that experiences during descent athlete. Incredible speed causes the release of adrenaline in the blood, even if the action happens on the screen of your personal computer. Place where born bobsled is Switzerland. It was in this country in 1888, an English tourist Wilson Smith successfully managed to interconnect two different types of sled for descent. The resulting design of the experiment design was attached to a special board. First tried his "brainchild" in practice the inventor himself: he made on a sledge journey from St. Moritz to Celerina village, which was located below the starting point in the mountains. Honoring tradition, it was in St. Moritz in the late 19th century was organized by the world's first bobsleigh club. In this club established the rules by which people can compete in the discipline. It is noteworthy that in those days the team for one bean should not be less than five people. In addition to the crew of three men was necessarily include two women. In the future, the club very often changed the rules on the mandatory number of participants in one carriage. Competitions were held, with two, four, five, and sometimes with eight members, consisting of one of the crew. Sports tops quickly migrated beyond the Alps of Switzerland. First practice bobsled took over Austria, then the sport became popular in Germany. Austrian national championships began to be held, since 1908, and German - since 1910. It is noteworthy that wherever came this sport, it very quickly take root: started regular competitions, which eventually escalated into full-fledged national championships. The name "Bob" is derived from the characteristic movement that commands used to increase the speed on the straights sled. First the beans were made of wood, but very quickly hit upon athletes that steel sled will be much more practical and allow to develop more speed. Beans are very modern and very expensive option amateur sled cost about as a new car. Bobsled team sled Currently, there are two bobsleigh discipline: - Competition in pairs; - Competition in fours. In a couple of the team included the pilot and breykman. In the case with the four they added two more "overclocking". Discipline, though the differences are, but by and large are almost identical to each other, because very often the same athletes take part in the competition as part of "twos" and in the "fours". Of particular interest in the case of simulation games are bobsled track for the competition. Variety of trails allows you to try yourself in the game in a variety of conditions. With regard to the requirements of the road to the competition, the important thing is the need for the ice chute. This chute must be laid on reinforced concrete base. Twists and turns can vary the duration and slope. Their parameters are specified in the information highway.