During online game Bionicle useful to you logic, skill and strength. Try to be under water, where each robot to move with difficulty by the resistance.

We bought their parents to ensure that we learn to do different houses, tinkering plain figures, learn to dream. With the development of improved technology designers: to appear transparent parts, parts made with complex compounds appeared flexible elements. Now some models not absolutely designer and children's entertainment. Very seriously, many adults collect toys made from the designer. Naturally, a leader in design, from which you can do quite steep and complex shapes is a Danish company Lego. It Lego in early 2001 began producing a line of robots, which had to collect small pieces, calling it a Lego Bionicle. Preceded this series and model Roboriders Slizers. However, other than mindless robots appeared in Bionicle and its own storyline, which later became a great platform to create books, a variety of educational games, computer games for various gaming platforms, movies and cartoons. Bionicle games gained great popularity not only abroad but also in the CIS countries. Robots in this series a huge amount, however, would like to address some of the most popular, which are often present in video games. Tahu - the patron of fire. One of the most formidable and aggressive patrons. Most often dwells on the volcano, where his favorite pastime are racing on lava flows. COPAC - patron of ice. He always is cool, loves to count all the situations in detail. It is believed that he complete opposite Tahu. COPAC favorite pastime is just slide down the slope of the mountains, however, lava and ice. Ghali - the patron of the water element. The only female robots described in computer games. It is very fast, agile and flexible, moreover, also extremely wise. Ghali dwells near the water, and her home is considered Lake Naho. Pohatu - patron of stone. Pet other Bionicle, very kind and sympathetic. He's very reasonable, and if it accepts any decision, it can not be persuaded to do anything differently. Onua - protector of earth. One of the strongest Bionicle. He is able to raise enormous gravity and penetrate the huge blocks of land. Loew - patron air. The perfect place for their habitat prefer treetops between which it can move very smartly. Just trying to be almost on the ground. Takanuva - patron saint of light. His mission - to fight the patron of darkness to balance the scales between good and evil. It was he who warned all patrons of the impending danger. Takutanuva - symbiosis lord of darkness and light. In games is one of the key characters. Lego Bionicle games are available on our website. All fans of these incredible creatures from the designer probably like we presented Friv fighting games, and with their participation. The games are available on our website online and absolutely free. You do not need to install or download them, you do not need to register or login in any way. All you need - is access to the Internet and your favorite browser. So, if you have some free time and the desire to relax after a hard and stressful day - all we have collected game Bionicle heroes the most popular series robots offer you to go immediately.