During online games you have to pass Biathlon distance skiing and target shooting of sporting rifle. Start playing and you're bound to love this sport.

Sport is not always aggressive and in addition there is quite calm fights competition, while preserving the excitement. It can not be, because it is always the desire to win, and where the fight for the title and a medal, there is always a hype. These include intelligent sports biathlon. It combines target shooting with rifle cross-country skiing and winter sports refers to the Olympic Games. He was particularly popular in the countries, who know what a snowy winter - Russia, Germany, Sweden, France, Norway and Austria. However, biathlon also has branches and runners can use hunting rifles and skis, snowshoes, bows and crossbows. There is also a summer biathlon, where athletes run cross country, used roller skis or Mountain bikes - bikes SUVs. Under the terms of the competition they have to shoot from different positions - prone, standing at full height or on one knee. From the outside, it seems that the easiest kind of biathlon competitions and it is no big deal. But make sure the game will help reverse biathlon free. Imagine that you need to bypass all the competitors, past all the dangerous and steep turns. During this run you breathing quickens, but you still have to hit the target, located at a distance from you and fifty meters, and the rifle is not equipped with an optical sight, enlarges the subject. To make the score shot, you should be able to calm your breath and make a solid hand. Minor infraction of the rules, and you will be eliminated from further competition. Our games are free to recreate all the biathlon races real terms, and we offer different ways of movement, even snowboards. Ahead of you long trail, marked with flags, which must be followed and skirt. And when you reach the line of fire, take the appropriate body position and try to aim at the center of the target. Judges will calculate your scores, which consist of arrival speed, accuracy and precision of movement. Even the manner in which you have completed all the tasks, plays a role in the work of judges. Especially beautiful it looks in the simulator, where you can see the track biathlete eyes or switch to the regime, to see all the stages of the route. This will help to efficiently navigate in space and quickly respond to changing situations. Unfortunately, this is only possible during the computer game, because a true athlete is limited to their own vision, and because it is far more complicated. Flash products also are not without appeal to them and often resort children. Their mobility in life is reflected in the virtual world, but because everything associated with running, speed, accuracy, agility and passion, gives them pleasure. Moreover, when a conventional shooter enough to touch shot goal on the edge, so that it was considered defeated, the game should play responsibly biathlon, and this is a personal call to vigilance. Distant target, though remains stationary, but is so far away that turns into a subtle point on a white background. And win the one who sends the charge rifles exactly in its middle. In addition to classic sports of biathlon, you will see also similar toys where children to have should knock balls attached to the vehicle or to another object. Also balls can knock sweets in the sky or other items. The main task - to be as well-aimed and moved to the perimeter of interference between the speed. Rate these games easily, if not procrastinate and start them immediately.