Here is an interesting novelty - online games Beyblade, in which you can play for free. Throw tops and punch an opponent objects, pushing them off the field.

Beyblade game story manga. For those who have long been fascinated by Japanese comics and serials, Beyblade games are another way to touch the beloved genre. Gaming products are perfectly thought out and are a logical topics, complementing the less useful direction. Heroes that you will see are focused on the process of throwing the top, trying to knock them more objects - this is their competition and to achieve the best result the team and players are constantly trained so that their movements were precise and accurate eye. It is important to all aspects: the applied force and the direction and the intuition of the player. Meet Hivatari Kai and Tyson Granger, which tears the spirit of competition, even though they are members of one team. But this is a temporary phenomenon, and gradually their relationship become warmer, until it became a best friends. Meet the characters: Crusher Bleyderov - team, which consists Hivatari Kay Granger and Tyson. Tyson - the best player that brings frequent victories thanks to determination of character, courage and stubbornness, which moves to the target. Victory in his blood, and he exhausts himself and constant training is laid out on the playground. He was awarded the title of the three victories that followed one after another. But that does not calm him, but only spurred to keep the bar high. Becomes an adult, Tyson hones skills and work confidently. Kai Hivatari - Captain Crusher. He is the child of a noble family, which is destined to inherit the military enterprise. The nature of it is balanced, calm, unflappable. Kai also purposeful and ambitious, and that becomes the reason for the beginning of friction with Tyson, exciting rivalry. Every team has their tops, which they throw into the enemy. To earn points, get artifacts and bonuses, it is necessary to destroy the tops of the other team. All the throwing wheels have characteristics, and it is important to use them competently. • Storm Pegasus has the power stellar attack meteor shower, wing tornado storm wind. • evolve Storm Pegasus rises to version Galactic Pegasus. • Space Pegasus (or Big Bang) - another stage in the development of previous versions. It has the features: a large explosive tornado, main gear, a change in regime. This is a special top, because the manga has made a breakthrough during the game. • Kioi lion rock bursting causes the royal lion and has hit the wing of a tornado. • Fiery Sagittarius top-Kent is receiving claws Archer. The game world Beybleyd Beyblade Games are built on familiar scenario when you have to pass the levels, to carry out tasks, to show dexterity and be accurate. Without these qualities have nothing to do in such a strong team, with each demonstrating mastery of the top, knows by heart its characteristics, and promptly apply for the next turn. Easy tasks become more difficult in the beginning, and we must have time to acquire the necessary skills. Sometimes actions are reminiscent of manipulation "three in a row", pinball, Zuma and slot machines. Volchok rushing across the field, ricochets off the walls, throws objects. Heroes are sometimes distracted from his mission, arranging fights in archery, driving in cars, bubbles and churning ride from the mountain on a sled. Still, you can highlight a picture-coloring and help Tyson perform personal errands - to cross the rickety rafts across the river without falling from them. He's not very good swimmer, and therefore can not simply get wet and easily drown.