During online games Battle Force 5 will play boldly to win and not give Sefuriusa Krutasu overtook the universe, and you will visit different planets and galaxies.

Battle Force 5 games designed for young warriors, brave and resolute. Battle, battles, massive battles and small battles will only strengthen and teach you to act swiftly to no enemy was able to approach our land. Rows of brave soldiers have tallied significant forces, but they need a competent commander. Take command of armies and defeat the enemy in glorious battle. Do you not just to defend the truth on the ground, fighting with huge, powerful robots. Battle of the Iron Fist - this is an opportunity to meet face to face the aggressor. In the melee should be especially agile and brave, because every blow inflicted robot can cost you your life. Drop regret and doubt that quite inappropriate in this situation. All you need now is a cool head, common calculation and desire to win. Tank warfare game Battle Force 5 is particularly spectacular, as fighting machines seem real giants. Heavier and lighter vehicles obey your commands and move on the enemy. The war against alien invaders can be conducted and ground vehicles, if the aggressors already landed on our spaces. Check how effective tanks and soldiers will work if you combine them under the command of gallant general, superb tactics and experienced strategist. To fight for the freedom of our own planet, which was attacked by extraterrestrial civilizations, and you hardly have to, because it is impossible to negotiate with them. Their goal - to enslave the population to destroy those who are not of interest, and devastate our planet. When to take will have nothing, they continue their journey on the galaxies in search of new victims. To stop them forever, just enough to banish the invaders, because they return again, more armed and increasing strength. Must finally defeat the enemy, to discourage us to meddle. Sefuriusa game about this shooting, chase on the ground and in space, the use of strategy and tactics. Requires a keen eye to take aim at enemy vehicles, and thanks to the skill and agility of your ship, you will be able to fulfill the mission adequately. In the course of events will open up new opportunities. Collecting artifacts will gain the necessary points for further progress, and they will open up access to the store, which contains the necessary parts to improve your aircraft. Fortify armor, strengthen protection, equip with modern, more powerful weapons. Passing levels, you will gain skills that will help in the future more effectively lead the battle. Useful energy spheres that occur in the path, but they are not all benefit - collect them selectively. Actions are developing rapidly, and if you drive a racing car, do not forget that it is based on space technologies. Equipped with a turbo, the car is very sensitive to the management and the slightest wrong turn or push to lead to a convergence of the track. Rolling over, you will not be able to continue their pursuit, lose all turned out game points, achievements and forced to start over. Those who prefer the speed, excitement and is not afraid to enter into courage, never pass by so wonderful toys where all the opportunities that are so popular with the boys. In one place you will find the star wars, Shooting, Flying, fighting, racing theme. And it's all so harmoniously that it is time to stop and carefully examine this category.