Who is not afraid to be in the dark woods, the story will go through the free online games Baba Yaga. This quest where you have to get out of her hut, using various items.

Free Games Baba Yaga are very interesting and offer players a huge variety of exciting missions. In the first mission you will have a difficult task - to get out of the forest witch hut. See for yourself how this complicated quest, after it has been given no hint about how to get out of the hut. The only opportunity that you provide Baba Yaga games free to click on various objects and things that are in the hut. That will bring your manipulation unknown, that's just to get out of the room will be the only way. Baba Yaga online games are mostly logical and unlike traditional children's games did not develop dexterity or reaction and logical thinking process. Particularly striking representative of a class of educational games are games Baba Yaga is learning to read. Already judging by the name itself, you can easily guess what it teaches children to this game. Good news for all fans of this genre of games is that the game is not as ancient as its main character - Baba Yaga. Almost all games are made on quality modern engine. Nice graphics and very convenient controls guarantee child pastime behind the screen of your computer. Special mention should be detailed atmosphere. It retains an element of "frightening", but reasonable and appropriate, the game will not cause childhood nightmares, but only warn young player of suspicious relations with old women living in the forest. Together with an interesting story and makes one think, the game is about Baba Yaga will be a real adventure, and go through all the stages of the game will be more than the expected reward for those intellectual attempts that have to make this. Baba Yaga is a character of Slavic mythology and folklore. Describing the details of accommodation and appearance of an old woman and every people are different, only unambiguous fact that all the myths and fairy tales converge in describing an ugly old woman, endowed with magical powers and has a certain magic items that help her create magic. For these actions in a number of fairy tales Baba Yaga liken witches. In most cases, Baba Yaga is described as a negative character, but are also known in history where Baba acts as assistants of the protagonist. Nevertheless, even in these rare cases heroine pursues its own mercantile interests. Apart from Russian tales, Baba Yaga can be easily found in the Slovak and Czech fairy tales. Moreover, Baba Yaga - Yule ritual is a character who is popular in the former Austria Slavic lands. Also, Baba Yaga is mandatory guest Shrovetide celebrations in Bulgaria, Serbia and Croatia. Female image of Baba Yaga is associated with an established concept of matriarchal social structure of the world. As mistress of the forest, Baba Yaga becomes the result of anthropomorphism. The main hint that Baba had once animal shape - a description of her house as a hut on chicken legs. That nose can be considered the most characteristic feature of Baba Yaga. Nose big humpbacked old woman described as: long, humpbacked, hooked, big.