Learn how to choose clothes and accessories, make-up, to prepare a variety of dishes for the holidays with the main character games Avie.

Stylish games Avie. You will get acquainted and girls who surely become your best friend, and bring you closer Avie game. In this heroine a lot of interest, but like all the girls, she loves clothes. Every time it appears renewed, as continues to experiment with the images. If this something for everyone and you, then you are brought together by a common passion even more. Evie is always cheerful, infecting friends and cheerful mood. She is sociable and loves the big companies. The more friends around her, the more fun it turns out the party. To start a chat, open the game for girls Evie, and go into a fashionable journey, as well as other areas of the game to find beauty closer. Evie variety of interests formed the basis of many gaming products, which opens up to you the way to the life of the heroine, lets take an active part in it: • Fancy Dress; • Hair; • Makeup; • Create an avatar. Help to learn about the new fashion girl fashion magazines and chat with you. However, interesting to discuss innovations and styles as they sit in the figure. As Evie traveled, she brought from different countries a unique designer clothes and ready to lend them to you, if you want to impress a guy on a date or going on holiday. To the image was intact, it is important to detail combined: Bag, shoes, scarves, gloves, blouse, skirt or trousers. Everything also depends on the place where you are going: to the beach, meeting or Halloween party for Christmas. For each moment has its own peculiarities, but Evie knows it, and teach you a little trick transformation. No girl would not leave the house, if the hair is in disarray. Hair - is the pride of fashionistas and they look after them with special care so that they remain healthy and shiny. For this purpose good shampoos and conditioners, masks are made periodically. In the barbershop they give the original form, is placed and fixed. The main thing is not to overdo it and be natural. It is best to pick a nice color for the hair and paint them too often. But sometimes, if the occasion demands, it is possible to resort to drastic measures, such as to make them crimson, green or blue. A little imagination and you completely different people. Clean face - also an important point of natural beauty. No creams do not disguise pimples and black spots. To skin glowed, take care of her and gently every day: • washing up with special gels; • Rubbing lotion; • When applying the cream on the eyes and face; • Periodically pampering skin masks. Cosmetics created do not change a person, but only a little bit to adjust and to emphasize their own characteristics. With a few tweaks, you can make cheeks blush, contact lenses and patch cilia make the look more expressive. Working with nails, paint the pictures of their colorful or just apply a transparent enamel to give a nice shine. Once Evie decided it was time to update their avatar on a social page. She wants to look stunning, and a lot of work. Open free games Evie, and you will find an adventure. It's almost a quest which provides for different tasks. You will see a big house girl, and each room has a certain function: • spa; • Hydration; • Wardrobe; • Barber. Next, get the keys to the car Avie Rose, doing several small jobs, go to the garage and go to: • Library; • Conservatory; • Sushi Bar; • Fashionable shops.