Online Games Assassins Creed

Desmond remembered his distant ancestor - the assassin Altair and now you have to play online games Assassin Creed, helping the hero to overcome all difficulties.

In 2006, Ubisoft Montreal has developed and released for the PlayStation3 game in the genre of action-adventure - Assassins Creed, which translates sounds like Creed assassin. Already in 2008, it could enjoy all fans of the genre, as the left extended version for Windows. Players move like a time machine c 2012 to 1191 far during the Crusades. In our modern lives a certain Desmond Miles, who did not know any of their ancestors or who they were, but thanks to the corporation "Abstergo Industries" saw his ancestor - Muslim assassin Altarira ibn La Ahada. Scientists are very interested in the life of a long-dead Muslim, and to get information, developed a clever device Animusoni and with his help was able to implement in memory of Desmond, pulling out a genetic memory. From this hour the protagonist like forks, then returning to his age, the bright living someone else's life, which lacked fighting Christians, murder, persecution, deception. For it was a revelation of the way of life according to the laws of the ancient East, and that, with what bitterness waged a war of religions. Developers really tried their best, giving realistic toy where you forget that you are in a virtual world. Great graphics, sound and special effects dazzle so that the player is completely immersed in the event. But a series of online toys Assassins creed Assassins creed 3 and 4, as well as the rest of the fun too, deserve attention and study. Before us is still the main character, who was in the distant past, reincarnated in his ancestor - Altair. From the Brotherhood, he gets the most dangerous jobs and obliged them to perform even at the cost of his own life. To better understand the code of the Assassins, let's see what kind of people. Today they show how brave and invincible warriors who defend the interests of the Brotherhood. It is, but there is always a downside every coin. Assassins were ruthless killers, not even feel sorry for innocent people who just happen to be on their way. They were hired for the dirtiest work for which no one else would take. They spied on, tortured, burned entire villages, poisoned witnesses. At the same time discover the soldiers was nearly impossible because they had mastered the art of transformation, masterfully manipulated people silently crept to the victim and could destroy the whole team one soldier, just quietly approaching them from behind. But they gained notoriety when faced with the Crusaders, as brave warriors, which are also legendary. Both clans were of their own code, conflicting, which led to an irreconcilable conflict, painted religious and political hue. Both forces were great strategists, riders, politicians, masterfully owned weapons and the ability to transform. In Assassin Creed game play is interesting, but it is unlikely they can pass all the passions that erupted between two powerful forces. But we follow the actions of Altair and Desmond Millie, will go with them all the hard way during the game Assassin, sneaking quietly to the protection of high castle walls, climbing the steep walls and performing one task for the Brotherhood, starting another. And when completed one mission, the game Assassin Skrit offered in cont.