With Phileas Fogg and his servant Passepartout take a trip around the world, launching the process online games Around the World. To play for a while, going through several levels.

Going on a trip, you just need to know beforehand about this a little more to make up the migration route for the most colorful places. Armed with maps and atlases, guiding notes and photos, you build the path that will enhance your knowledge of the culture of a foreign country and allow it to soak up the age-old tradition. Prepare for the pilgrimage should carefully so as not to miss anything interesting, enough of the emotions and spirit of adventure. Remarkably, when the trip is prepared in advance and have time for such a process, but that when the road suddenly going, messy, hastily? Then you have to only rely on the opportunity to decide on the location and directions of the local population. Sometimes the most exciting emotions gettin 'no where trail turned into a paved alley, and in obscure corners where can send only local Aborigines. However, the game Around the World, based on the book by Jules Verne, will fit you to act quickly and move in the same way as you did the characters Englishman Filias Fogg and his companion-servant Passepartout a Frenchman. Fogg, taking a bet that he could over eighty days to make a trip around the earth, a lot of risk, but being a gentleman, he could not ignore the call, and was forced to act. His servant has never let the host and no longer backed by joining Filiasu in this mad enterprise. Now together they have to do the impossible. History invented writer and filmed in animation and film, already told you that the Briton up to the task and won the deal. But the game 80 Days Around the World to play under the same conditions already offers you, and now you have to make a real feat. Gameplay is similar to the game of "three in a row", from which it is clear that action is necessary, moving the pieces on the board. Among them there are the necessary things that have to get moving forward. Every traveler just need to carry a notebook, where it will record important information and outline the experience. Compass and map to help you find the right way, and to put all this, you need the bag. Building a chain chips, you break them and help artifacts fall outside of the playing field, so they were automatically in your presence. As you go you'll also collect other bonuses that come in handy at some point in order to complete the level enchanting. Abused their help is not necessary, because the restoration will take some time, but it you may not have enough to pass. Clock in the upper corner of the screen to help track the time that is reserved for each stage and if it is over before you do the job, you can beat this stage. This possibility facilitates your way though for Mr. Fogg Filiasa it would mean a lost day's journey, and going beyond the fixed schedule. When the next level Around the World game is over, you get a stamp with a picture of the area in which just visited. So you make this exciting voyage to the most fabulous, incredibly beautiful places to see countries and continents, surprising splendor of nature, or no less attractive and magnificent monumental beauty of mountain ranges and hot deserts. All this time will create a special mood music that accompanies an escort throughout the game.