Games Angry birds online

In the game Angry birds online with a slingshot and birds, shells to knock down all the green pigs. Angry birds game online have a lot of fun and fascinating stories.

Some games have a feature to create a world of its own, using a very minimalistic means. This type of games are all familiar to us since the days of arcade gaming consoles. While developers of complex modern game of the product sound design, rendering and gameplay seek to maximize the realism, flat and schematically drawn toys continue to gain more popularity among the most diverse audience. They have no plot, no three-dimensional, there is no recognizable character, which, since its versatility necessarily identifies the player. And there are only a series of fascinating game assignments, packaged in an ingenious design as a kind of conditional protection and funny characters. If you want to witness a game - has an unforgettable angry birds online! This game was originally created as a game application for mobile phones. And in that capacity became known, popular and beloved all over the world. Its authors - the Finnish company to develop mobile entertainment - although it did initially focus on simplicity and accessibility of its product, but, nevertheless, did not expect such a success. And even more so, do not think that in a short time they play angry birds online on your computer, not on the phone, make a lot of people. So, what's the point of the game? If it is to summarize, there is nothing remarkable about this story will not appear. Here is a physical model of the obstacles, which involved a variety of objects and characters in the game. This facility must be destroyed by shooting at him from the catapults. The higher the level - the more complex and unusual balanced building in front of you. To this is also attached certain conditional plot, for example, the war angry birds with no less evil pigs who steal their eggs. That's the whole game angry birds. Uninteresting and primitive, you might say. You are right. But even before the moment at least once played in the angry birds. Like all cult games, this game has a dangerous property - it is very addictive. The destruction of the fortifications fun catapults you can spend half a day without noticing how much time has passed. If you want to take a chance and check how you are resistant to the fascinating taymkiller - go to our website for a tag with the name of the game. And proceed. All available options for angry birds are available to you here. And without registration and absolutely free!