Angels games for girls

Angels game in its diverse manifestations and girls can always play online, creating their image, painting, directing the flight and archery arrows of Cupid.

Let you not so scary-sounding name of the game. Angels game is not about immortal beings, the main characters - is a funny teenagers opposing cunning demons and help sway the destinies of mankind. Game Friends of Angels angels teach teenage tricks heavenly affairs: how to persuade a person on the side of good. Learning process promises to players gripping story that takes place between two rival teams: angels and demons. In addition, it is worth considering and having neutral third party who will "put a spoke in the wheel" players. Devotees say that Angels games for girls, just interesting that the "neutrals" constantly weave more and more intrigue. Neutral party shall take such action only in order to make the naive students pursue their own mercantile purposes. Games built on the plot of the famous cartoon and almost completely identical to the universe, created in a cartoon. For example, the plot there is a "veto" on angels and demons touch each other, nevertheless, regular love affairs become a cause of overlapping interests of the warring parties. Generally in the plot of the game, like in the cartoon, love - a tool that helps to understand a lot of heroes in the relationship. With the advancement of the storyline the player watches his favorite characters grow along with their wards from the world of "death." Growing up, the angels are changing their life principles, formed position on the world and the rules of existence in it. The first game in the series teach love, friendship, forgiveness and fight for truth, regardless of the surrounding circumstances. Games are based on the animated series "Friends of Angels", which was released in 2011, the Italian animation studio «Mondo TV». In turn, the idea for the cartoon was taken from comic Simone Ferry, who in 2007 won the hearts of thousands of young readers in Italy. Release of the animated series universe allowed "Angels" to reach a global scale. Young angels and demons, speaking as the main characters, down to earth in order to practice their "heavenly" skills and become full inhabitants of heaven and hell. We all know that in order to have a good ability to learn any necessary good practice in it. That such practices are looking for young heroes of the series. As guinea pigs for the heroes of the series are the ordinary people, they are trying to win over the side of good or the side of evil. It is noteworthy that angels and demons can not collide with each other and affect the same person at the same time. Priority is determined by their influence in a special "room of choice." But the rivalry - this is not the main competition, which expects cartoon characters. As it turned out, down to earth, and angels and demons had to confront the impartial forces who are trying to subdue his own "indifference" all tangible and intangible essence of the universe. The main antagonist of the cartoon - neutral Reina, seductive angels and demons to blasphemy. Resist the temptress is possible only together because at the time of heroes unite in one format command. And begin the adventure in the series! Chapter neutrals Reina perfectly informed that in the case of love between an angel and a demon apocalypse happens. This is the apocalypse will be able to free her from captivity in the ephemeral world of Limbo. What is left? Endear one another boy and a girl from among the angels and demons. To implement his plan in life, Reina has created a magical spider that bit Angel Rough and Sulfusa who is the leader of the demons. Spider bite infected children threatening illness - love. Testing each other strong feelings, angel and demon kiss, kiss consequence becomes a huge explosion, which frees neutral Rhine from the world of her imprisonment. Now the heroes have to fix their own mistake and did not give the Rhine to take over the world. Naturally, on the way of salvation of all things guys expect a huge amount of adventure. From time to time between the guys happen quarrels and disputes. Between a cartoon and a game there is virtually no difference: saved style, history and storyline. But in the comics, which are created based on the game and cartoon, there are some differences: the characters in the game over, they do not know how to play a musical instrument, and behave more naturally from the point of view of ordinary people. Despite some differences, the essence of how comics and cartoon versions of one and the same: angels and demons had to combine their efforts in order to effectively confront a common enemy! Similarities between angels and demons are limited by the presence of the wings and the ability to use them to fly. Otherwise, the angels and demons - radically different. You can trace this difference from the description of the main heroes of the universe. - Rough is the angel-girl and along side good leader. In order to become a true guardian angel and start your career in paradise, it remains to obtain only one percent of the skills that is able to virtually all The leader of the angels! In the series Raf kind, nice, energetic, very much like nature, his friends, and as luck would love to Sulfusa; - Uri - black girl angel. This heroine has the most children's manifestation in the universe: her character is so sincere and malleable to the influence that it identify the teenager, not a child is very difficult; - Sweet - a symbol of style and glamor. Girl angel strictly observes all the fashion trends, and loses his head from cool accessories; - Miki - the eldest girl-angel in the group, and thus the wisest. However, her inherent wit and optimism. Thanks love for the sport she never loses a good mood and is in good shape; - Sulfus, it's a boy-demon miniature devil incarnate. He is cunning and proud, is purely formal suit, loves rock music and a motorcycle trip. Virtually all of his actions - it is a lie and deception, it only sincere affection for angels matriarch - Raf; - Cabiria - it is prudent and clever devil. That she can come up with a clever combination, in order to lure the enemy into a trap laid by in advance. Inherent and positive qualities, such as Cabiria very compassionate and always worried about the fate of animals; - Kabale - one more representative group of demons. She is the chief assistant Sulfusa, his right hand in the construction of treacherous traps and fraudulent schemes. Bold look and revealing outfits made her one of the favorites of the audience; - Gus - a thick demon who hides his overweight big T-shirts and pants. The main qualities of this demon - this love rest and eat. Besides, he's pretty good-natured, sometimes it is among the demons causing genuine surprise the viewer.