How did the universe and the nature that surrounds us, will help to understand online game Alchemy. Initially have to play with two elements to create the rest.

Four key elements - they turn out to be the ancestors of all living things on Earth and uninspired. Water, Earth, Fire and Air - is necessary and sufficient substance to the next item originated. And it is in practice very well demonstrates alchemy game play that can be on our website right now without restrictions in the form of payment or registration. Free games alchemy - a journey into the extraordinary world where you can do all that surrounds us and know our space again. Create - it is basically interesting and exciting, and in such form as it offers us the game alchemy free, it's a hundred times more entertaining. Only two elements you will get a third, brand new, which in turn will participate in the creation of the next, and so - until you created everything that surrounds us in real life. This can be a lot of talk, but it's better to try for yourself and this is a creative process can not be stopped. This magical chain of elements is fascinating and certainly want to create an entire collection of elements to the end. Alchemy online game - is a kind of alchemist laboratory where miracles happen, and is an important process of creation. The game interface is a field that is called a circle transformations. In the left pane, there are elements that are already available to the player, and bottom right - those that have yet to be created. Initially, you can enjoy the light of the teacher who will offer you to compare Fire and Earth and get Flint. And then have your business savvy and intelligence. Generally such entertainment make us think logically and to extract knowledge from the depths of his mind. It is extremely useful for the entertainment of the mind, constitutes a kind of charging for the brain. There is no need to be afraid of mistakes, do not mistake the one who does absolutely nothing. And here, if the element is not created properly or become useless, it can easily be thrown into a black hole. Also, as you progress through the game you will be the focus for more affordable items that simply can not be created from natural elements - they are by definition piece and will be served in the game is ready. This, for example, a bag, paint, wheel. These elements will be given for certain services and achievements in the field of discovery. Get a lot of new positive emotions and spend time usefully with games alchemy on our site and let you inspire only positive things in life.