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In all Russian folk tales and literary works of different writers, when the main characters were animals, the authors chose them very thoroughly, and each animal wore a specific meaning. So, for example, in fairy tales, where there is a hare - it symbolizes cowardice, sometimes cunning with which he managed to survive. Fox often symbolized trick this trick often wrapped in a graceful and beautiful fox image, with which she entered into the confidence of the rest of the heroes of fairy tales. Bear often symbolized any destruction. His clumsiness and large size in many fairy tales became cause some conflict. Wolf character often associated with negative characters, however, it was only in the old tales. For example, in the story "The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids" he tried to cheat kids to eat them. The same was observed in the fairy tale "The Three Little Pigs." In the fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood for the wolf tried to deceive the main character to profit her and her grandmother. However, in the past produced, modern fairy tales wolf acts more as an assistant and quite wise and cheerful character. I would like to elaborate on the characters of the fairy tale "Ivan Tsarevich and the Grey Wolf", where the wolf appears to us in that guise. Besides, the last game produced about wolves associated with just so the wolf. Ivan - the usual farm boy, nor the most intelligent, but not the most stupid character. His dream - to become a firefighter tridesyatom kingdom. By the will of chance, Ivan becomes a prime candidate for the hand and heart of his beloved daughter of the King. Vasilisa - a daughter of the King. Symbiosis of beauty and intelligence, she graduated from several foreign institutions. Believes in marriage for love. After another quarrel with his father, on his orders, decides to marry the first comer, whom is the main character Ivan. King-Father - very funny old man, head tridesyatom kingdom. Loves his daughter, in spite of constant misunderstandings between them. Sends Ivan on the test, which seemed to him impossible. Wolf - a very good cartoon character, able to speak. He is the best friend of Ivan in this story. Called help Ivan in the job, which he gave the King. Believes that once upon a time was a man. In the cartoon behaves almost like a man, and plays a significant role. Baba Yaga - one of the negative cartoon characters. Loves flattery, through which Ivan Wolf fleeing in order not to be eaten by it. Dragon - the second villain, but very loving when praised. Wolf and Ivan taught him to do good deeds for which earns praise Dragon, Snake then helps them more than once. Scrag - lover telling all sorts of stories, to the point that he just kills it his listeners. However, thanks to wit, John Wolf, hitting him in the castle, in Koshchey extract what they need and are saved. Adviser of the king - the right hand of the King. One of the main negative characters. Behind the king is trying to take away his throne and release the evil creature - a shadow. Shadow - the main villain. With the help of a magic hat tries to penetrate into the living world and turn all the inhabitants of the kingdom in the shade. On our site you will find a huge number of games in which the main character is like a wolf from Russian folk tales and modern wolf. Action game about wolves make you wander around as a wolf on various intricate levels. Besides, games gray wolf and include different arcade and logic game. A section of the game Tsarevich and the Gray Wolf wolf tell the history of modern contemporary cartoons. Ivan on the game site and the Gray Wolf is completely free and available online. If you are a lover of fairy tales and character Wolf in particular, then you must play exciting games from this category - believe me, the fun and good mood is guaranteed!